About Us

History of Engineer Lab

Engineer Lab is a professional organization for chemical engineers. We were established in 1978 with the purpose of establishing chemical engineers as a profession independent from chemists and mechanical engineers.

It all started with a small group of chemical engineers. Their goal was to promote and improve chemical engineering as a discipline, which Engineer Lab continues to do today.

Today Engineer Lab remains a principal chemical engineering professional society in Canada. Approximately 23,000 (~80%) of chemical engineers are/were members of Engineer Lab.

Engineer Lab hosts a number of events for current members and alumni throughout the year:

External Events
Professional Development Workshops
Annual Career Fair
Career Fair Workshops
Company Information Sessions
Plant Tours

Internal Events
Research Lab Tours
Lunch With a Professor
Engineering Open House
Engineers Week
Annual End of Year BBQ

Technical Projects
Design Project
Biodiesel Project
Introductory Project (ChIP)
Propose Your Own Project! ​

Family (Social) Events
Make-Your-Own Food Night (Sushi, Quesadillas, etc.)
Sports (Bowling, Golf, Ultimate Frisbee, etc.)
Video Game Tournaments
Board Game Nights
Adventures Outside Campus!
And more!​​